La comida de España

¡Hola a todos, espero que estéis bien! This blog post is going to be dedicated to the food of Spain. First of all, here is some quick vocab for the meals of the day!

  • el desayuno = breakfast
  • el almuerzo = lunch
  • una merienda = a snack
  • la cena = dinner

The Spanish eating times are a little bit different to Scotland so I had to adjust my schedule when I moved here. Los españoles comen el desayuno a las 8.00h de la mañana y el almuerzo a las 14.00h. After 2pm is siesta time; all the shops close from around 2-5pm so that everyone can rest/sleep for a few hours. This is especially important during the hot summer months. Después de la siesta, los españoles tomarán una merienda a las 17.00h. The longest wait is for la cena, which Spanish people usually eat at about 10pm. I still sometimes find it difficult waiting so late to have dinner!


Breakfast is pretty simple in Spain; either sweet or savoury. If you like savoury things, then your typical breakfast would be a tostada (toast) with a topping like tomate o jamón. If you prefer a bit of sweetness, then churros con chocolate (fried dough dipped in chocolate) are a good breakfast option. I love churros but I’d rather not eat them for breakfast!

Churros y una tostada con tomate


The most typical Spanish food is tapas which are small portions of traditional dishes which everyone shares around the table. Tapas is eaten at lunch or dinner and also as a snack. There are so many varieties of the dishes you can get but the most typical of Spain and Seville are :

  • tortilla española = Spanish omelette
  • calamari/chocos fritos = fried squid/cuttle fish
  • patatas bravas = potatoes with a tomato sauce
  • croquetas = fried cheese and meat
  • gambas al ajillo = prawns in garlic oil
  • solomillo al whiskey = pork in whisky sauce (this is Seville’s most famous tapas)
  • paella = a Spanish rice dish

Although you can get paella as tapas, it is much more common to be served as a big plate which everyone shares.

Of course there is a lot of other Spanish food I haven’t covered, or that isn’t as popular in Seville. Also, the food that comes from other Spanish speaking countries is amazing too. For example, tacos and nachos from Mexico, empanadas from Argentina and so much more!

¿Habéis probado alguna comida de España o un país hispanohablante?

¿Te gustó?

Y, ¿qué es la comida típica de tu país?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about the food of Spain and hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to try some of the dishes I have mentioned!

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