Fiestas y Tradiciones en Sevilla💃🏼

Hola a todos, ¡espero que estéis bien! I have had a very busy few weeks since I last wrote a blog post. April is the busiest month in Seville with 2 big celebrations taking place – La Semana Santa y la Feria de Abril – which I will write about today.

Semana Santa

Firstly- ¡La Semana Santa! This is the Holy Week, what we know as Easter. The week consists of massive elaborate processions, with big floats depicting scenes of the Bible and hundreds of people following them around the city. Below, you can see some photos of the processions to get an idea of how busy the city gets and how important it is to Spanish culture. Si tenéis algunas preguntas sobre la Semana Santa, avísame en los comentarios.

La Feria de Abril

Ahora voy a explicar, con más detalle, la Feria de Abril que tiene lugar dos semanas después de la Semana Santa. Now I am going to explain, in more detail, the Feria de Abril, which takes place 2 weeks after the Holy Week.

The Feria de Abril (or Feria de Sevilla) is a massive fair which acts as a celebration of the Sevillian culture. It takes place in a concentrated area of Seville, in what feels like a small town. Hundreds of casetas (marquee tents) are built where the people of Seville go to drink and dance through the night. The women wear traditional flamenco dresses and the men wear suits.

Unas mujeres en sus trajes de flamenco

The Feria de Abril always starts on a Sunday with the night called ‘alumbrao’. This is essentially a massive light switch on which signifies the beginning of the celebrations. Each day is similar after that. People go to a caseta, which usually require an invitation though there are some public ones, and they eat tapas, drink rebujito and dance sevillanas.

  • rebujito= is the typical drink of the feria. it is a mix of manzanilla sherry and limonada.
  • sevillanas= a traditional dance, like a simplified flamenco
Una caseta
Una jarra de rebujito

Some other Feria traditions:

  • Every night of the Feria there is a bullfight at the plaza de toros.
  • People rent horses to ride around by horse and carriage
  • There is a massive amusement park built up for everyone to enjoy
  • The week finishes with a huge firework display
Un caballero con su caballo
La feria por la noche

Feria is the biggest celebration and visited by people all over Spain, so I’m very lucky lucky that I got to celebrate it. Other Spanish cities host Ferias too, but there also other interesting traditions across the country! I have made a list below of other cool (often unusual) traditions celebrated in Spain that you can look up:

  • Las fallas de Valencia
  • La tomatina
  • Castells de Tarragona
  • La corrida de toros en Pamplona

¿Qué tradición español parece la más interesante?

¿Cuál es su tradición favorita que tenéis en su país? A mí, me gusta bailar el tipo de danza que se llama ceilidh.

Espero que hayáis disfrutado leer sobre las tradiciones de España. ¡Hasta la próxima¡


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